Apple iOS 5.0 Update Summary WWDC

Major Apple Updates were announced today at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference, so rather than posting this stuff all over, I figured this should be summarized and simplified. The Apple Cloud and iOS 5 were the primary items discussed today. The quick summation is Apple is trying to make the iOS devices easier to use and synchronize to the web and other Apple products.

iOS 5 brings a bunch of updates, so I’ll bullet point them below:

  • OTA / Wireless Updates
    • No more Computer necessary for software updates
  • Wireless Sync
    • Wirelessly synchronize info from the iOS device to the computer & web
  • New Reminders
    • Less intrusive, more adept to what is open already
  • New Notifications
    • Slides down & keeps everything by order of receiving
  • NewLockscreen options
    • Camera button
    • Push notifications stack & take up less space
  • More options for photography
    • Lockscreen access
    • Pinch to Zoom (please, no digital zoom)
    • Grid-view
    • Autofocus / Auto Exposure Lock
    • Screen Lock
    • Editing Features (Not available in “Photos” yet, must switch to “Photos”)
      • Basic editing (cropping, red-eye,  etc.)
      • Auto-Enhance (corrects for lighting and color)
    • Volume Up to take Photos
      • ?So simple…
  • Extensive Twitter Integration
    • Picture uploading & tagging
    • Location Tagging
    • Safari integration
    • Contact info synchronization
  • NewsStand
    • Allows newspapers to be loaded and accessed easily

Now onto the iCloud… Apple’s iCloud is setup to store your content & wirelessly sync it to your other devices. It is setup to synchronize daily over WiFi, carrying music, videos, photos, apps, books, documents, web-content, keynote content (presentation program), calendar info, device settings, and app data. It will be setup to work with the iOS devices, Macs, as well as PCs.

One huge feature they unveiled was a feature to take your ripped CD collection into iTunes & into the cloud. This service allows you to take CDs into iTunes and add them to your account as though the were purchased via iTunes. Not sure how (or if) they will distinguish what content is yours or not, but this sounds like it will open up some issues. Music storage & access fee is $24.99 a year for up to 25,000 songs.


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