T-Mobile to Dump No Overages on 200MB Data Plan

According to an article at TmoNews, T-Mobile will be dropping ‘no overages’ on their $10 200MB data plan. With the May 23rd plan restructuring, T-Mobile created several data plans which allowed users to select unlimited data plans that would throttle down once they reached their selected high-speed (4G) plan cap. There were no overages, and there were plenty of users who were comfortable with 200MB data plans, which were the bare minimum for smart-phone users. Obviously, this no-overage service is too much for T-Mobile, because now they are dropping the service for its cheapest plans.

Current users and those who hurry and get a contract setup by August 13th will be able to grandfather the $10 200MB no-overage plan. Of course, with AT&T looming overhead, all T-Mobile users will be holding onto their grandfathers and may be saying goodbye to Carly Foulkes, the T-Mobile Girl.

Note: This was originally a forum post, but due to confirmation of the service changes, this deserves to be on the front-page.


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