T-Mobile is Bringing Data Stash to Prepaid

Starting Match 22, qualifying T-Mobile Simple Choice prepaid customers will have access to Data Stash. This means if you are on the $60 3GB or $70 5GB Simple Choice plan, you’ll be getting rollover data. To further sweeten that deal, T-Mobile is giving you 10GB of 4G LTE to start your Data Stash.

Data Stash allows you to carry forward your unused 4G data at the end of every month for up to one year. This does not apply to the $80 Truly Unlimited data plan or users on the $70 grandfathered unlimited data plan as they do not have 4G limits. It also does not apply to the new Simply Prepaid prepaid plans, which is sure to confuse a number of people.

Plans explained:

The following is a brief summary of the plans that were referenced above. I have not included the ever talked about $30 5GB web and text plan or the multitude of irrelevant plans. If you have any questions or need further clarification, leave a comment below.

Simply Prepaid: Lower cost, $40 1GB, $50 3GB, $60 $5GB. No tethering / mobile hotspot, no Music Freedom. 4G LTE Data is capped at 8Mbps.

Simple Choice Prepaid: $50 1GB, $60 3GB, $70 5GB, $80 Unlimited. Hotspot & Music Freedom included. $60 & $70 now include Data Stash.

Tethering / hotspot takes away from your data, with the exception of the $80 Unlimited data plan, which gives you 5GB of hotspot / tethering. Music Freedom allows you to stream from a bunch of services without using your 4G allotment.


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