Eve Online Fanfest 2011 Walking In Stations

Since 2008, Eve Online players have been taunted with videos showing the ability to exit your ship (where users are currently restricted) and walk around in the stations. This summer, CCP will be releasing a portion of this called “Captain’s Quarters”, where users will be able to exit the ship when docked and be able to interact with things in their quarters. I will be reactivating my Eve account when they are about to release this so I can demo this for everyone. I will definitely be in my ready room doing a captain’s log, supplemental

In addition to the long-awaited ability to walk in stations, there are several enhancements to the visuals in the game. The character creator is going to include tattoos, scars, more decorations, and will also be significantly easier to work with and change your avatar.

The characters aren’t the only thing that will be upgraded. There are several complete redesigns of weapons and the actual firing sequence, which will be shown later this month. The ships themselves will be able to be painted and customized while docked – so look forward to neon-pink Hello Kitty Megathrons. Aside from the bizarre creations that will likely come out of this, an interesting addition was introduced at the event this year – the ability to place your corporation’s logo on your ship. I like that they are actually perusing ways to distinguish the look of ships, especially when you can display your corp’s markings on the hull.

Hello Kitty Rifter

Image courtesy of Eve Online Character: Megan Avan

If you are interested in Eve at all – or perhaps once enjoyed playing as I did, you should consider watching the whole video. I went ahead and programmed this to jump right to the Captain’s Quarters portion. The first quarter of the video is essentially the announcer getting everyone riled up, but they go over some of the content mentioned above.

Direct link to EVE Fanfest 2011: EVE Keynote video

Captain’s Quarters Demo:

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