Comica CVM-VM10 Shotgun Microphone Review

I have been looking for a camera mounted shotgun microphone for a several months. My Canon T3i DSLR microphone sounds really bad and I like having multiple audio sources when I shoot video as a backup. I was contacted by Comica to review their shotgun mic, so I figured I’d give it a shot. Note: I received this mic at a discounted rate.

Check out the video review below, which was shot using my Canon T3i and this microphone exclusively. The audio has not been filtered and there is no background audio, so you’ll be able to hear the microphone as is.

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When you first open the box, you will see a nice foam-lined carrying case that everything is placed in. Inside of that is the microphone, the shock-absorbing mic stand, which mounts to the cold shoe, two 3.5mm cables – one for your smartphone and one for everything else – a windscreen, and a pop filter.

The microphone looks very similar to the Rode Video Micro, but comes with additional accessories: a 3.5mm smartphone adapter, pop filter, and a carrying case to put everything in.


My final thoughts on the VM10 is that it’s really solid. I think with the included accessories and the ability to record on smartphones, GoPros, and full sized camera equipment, at this price, I think you’ll have a really good experience with this.

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