StarCraft 2 Free Name Change Finally Here

Finally, after the game being out about 1.5 years, Blizzard decided to give another free name change.  Originally, when users created a new account with StarCraft 2 they would receive 1 free name change. Any additional name changes were speculated to be paid for as on the website since about October last year it said to be, “Coming Soon." Blizzard said that they are restructuring some of their teams so this may be a sign of things to come. Right now, if you log in to you Blizzard SC2 account, and you have already used your  free name change previously, you can now change it once again.

Starcraft 2 Rename Character Screen

There is still no announcement when Blizzard will put in paid name-changes.


October/November 2010 Free Name Change

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