Back To The Future Episode 1 Free on iPad

Back to the Future Ep. 1 is now free in the iPad via  the app store. The following episodes (episodes 2 – 5) are also on the app store, via purchase only. However they are going up at a relatively reasonable price.

I've played this game on the PC and it does a fairly well job at keeping the characters behaving like they did in the movie, though the story was altered a bit, which is necessary to keep the game from being unpredictable. 

Episode 1 is currently free, and has a pretty good length for just 1 episode. In fact, you may want to finish this episode before considering purchasing episode 2, though the sale may not last too long. Episode 2,3,4 and 5 are currently being sold for for $2.99 for a limited time only. 


Episode 1: It's About Time  Currently Free
Episode 2: Get Tannen! – $2.99
Episode 3: Citizen Brown – $2.99
Episode 4: Double Visions – $2.99
Episode 5: OUTATIME – $2.99

*Prices as of 2/14/2012
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