Verizon Wireless Increases Upgrade Fee to $30

Verizon Wireless just announced an increase in their upgrade fee to $30. According to them, the fee will help them “continue to provide customers with a level of service and support they have come to expect”. Sorry, I had to laugh at that last line there. This isn’t the first company to nearly double their upgrade fee, though. AT&T did this a few months back, increasing their upgrade fee for users to $36. Verizon will implement the increased fee April 22nd.

As I normally recommend to customers who are upgrading, call the carrier after the upgrade is done or when you get that first bill and ask them what that upgrade fee is about. 9 times out of 10 you can get it waived if you’ve been with them for a while, have several lines, and haven’t had billing issues or account flags. It’s at least worth a shot.

On April 22, Verizon Wireless is implementing a $30 upgrade fee for existing customers purchasing new mobile equipment at a discounted price with a two-year contract. This fee will help us continue to provide customers with the level of service and support they have come to expect which includes Wireless Workshops, online educational tools, and consultations with experts who provide advice and guidance on devices that are more sophisticated than ever.

While the upgrade fee is not unique to Verizon Wireless, most devices can be traded in with our green friendly trade-in program as a way to save money or potentially offset the fee completely. – Verizon Wireless



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