UPS Ground Sucks

This isn’t one of our normal articles, but this is one of those things that us tech guys & anyone who ships should be aware of. I shipped out Yousef’s tower in the original packaging it arrived in, with a bunch of extra packing material to fill any voids. Not having a scale large enough to weigh this properly, I took it to a local UPS store to have it looked over and the package with some accessories priced & mailed out.

I was offered insurance & bought it for both packages – I figured that would be necessary just in case something got loose inside the tower and flew all over the place.

The box was dirty from top to bottom, which isn’t really an issue – but its noticeably worn all around.

UPS Sucks

Oh, and the huge puncture on the bottom – that was nice bonus for getting the insurance.

UPS Sucks UPS Sucks UPS Sucks

I’ve filed a UPS claim – I think I might link this article when they are looking for proof that the package was mishandled.

Just to point out, for the most part, the tower was fine – except for some physical damage to the case. But for spending over $50, which should be refunded, this thing should have been given at least some level of care, considering its a computer & has pictures of a computer on the box. I’ll be using FedEx Home for my next large package or tower.


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