Battlefield 3 Graphics are Insane

Dice and EA put up a mixture of real, and fake clips in a commercial for the launch of Battlefield 3. As it provides clips from real life and gameplay footage, they seem to be more proud than ever over their in-game art. Well, they should be. I went to a playtesting for Battlefield 3 a couple months ago and the only thing I couldn’t keep my eyes off the amazing realistic graphics and engine running the AI.

Of course, as gamers and tech savy folks, it shouldn’t be a puzzle for us, or anyone on ThatsItGuys to tell the difference between real life and game footage, however, it is getting more difficult as time progresses. We do know they have an amazing graphics and character engine running the AI which supports the difficulty on differentiating between real life and game footage. The engine running the AI is the same engine used in EA’s Madden 2012 Series.

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Yousef Shanawany

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