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MP3 Music Download on Your Android Phone

Want to quickly download and use any song for ringtones and notifications on your Android device? Today I’ll be taking a look at  ‘MP3 Music Download‘ from the Android Marketplace in this video review:

App Of The Day – Cross Fingers

Mobigame combines tangrams, unblock puzzles, and Twister for their follow-up to EDGE. Cross Fingers is a quality puzzler that makes a simple concept special with multi-touch. Check it Out.

QR Droid Review

Today we’ll be taking a look at QR Droid, a free app which lets you generate QR Codes from your Android device.

FLING! Application Review

Fling is a very addictive application for any iOS device. This application is a puzzle type game that really puts your brain to the test. I would highly recommend this game to any age,...

Alien Invasions App

Looking for a fun side-scrolling alien shoot-em-up for your Android phone? Check out Alien Invasions, free on the Android Market.