ToeJam and Earl hit their Kickstarter Goal [Updated]

So, I’ve never personally played ToeJam and Earl on the Sega Genesis, but I did watch my friends live stream the game for last year’s Extra Life charity event. When I found out about the Kickstarter event for a new game, I knew there would be a lot of fans of the franchise that would be interested.

Well, that must have been the case, because the ToeJam and Earl Kickstarter just blew past it’s base goal. Earlier today, their Kickstarter campaign raised over $400,000. With less than 24 hours remaining in the Kickstarter, it’s doubtful that they will hit any of the console-port “stretch goals”, but if their PC version goes well, I see this going on PSN and Xbox Live Arcade – maybe even the Wii U.


Update: Kickstarter Campaign Raised $508,638 with 8,873 backers


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