The Expendables 2 Bluray First With 11.1 Channel DTS Neo:X

The Expendables 2 has even more steroids and 80s film actors than any other movie, so what could make the upcoming BluRay release more ridiculous? How about 11.1 channel DTS Neo:X surround sound? If you have a ridiculously nice (and expensive) home theater system that supports DTS 11.1, this movie has been optimized for your setup. Helicopters, planes, gun fire, explosions, and cheesy one-liners will fill your system.

Most BluRays right now are being released with 7.1 DTS audio, which can be interpreted by the Neo:X systems to extrapolate where the sounds are supposed to be occurring on an 11.1 system. My experience with these –  well for lack of a better term – up-converters has been pretty good. The Neo:6 on my Onkyo did some pretty nice work up-converting stereo content into 5.1. This system is supposed to expand the 7.1 track by “matrixing” front height and front wide channel information to the additional speakers. Essentially, it does like I said above: extrapolate where the sound is supposed to be in three dimensions.

If you’re not following or skipped that part, there’s a video below that explains it from DTS.

The Expendables 2 BluRay is currently available on Amazon for pre-order and includes the BluRay, Digital Copy, and the UltraViolet copy – currently priced at $27.99.


Video explaining DTS Neo:X 11.1 Here
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