The Next Samsung Smartphones Won’t Use Qualcomm Snapdragon Chips

Qualcomm just announced they lost a large purchaser of their chipsets. The fingers are all pointing at Samsung, which would not be all that surprising, since Samsung produces their own chips in-house for the international models.

Qualcomm Samsung Chipsets

Traditionally, there have been two types of Samsung Galaxy smartphones: The original international model, which used their Exynos chipset. The other model is sold several months later to the US, South American, and Asian markets and used Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Chipset due to the varying network types, such as CDMA, WCDMA, and more recently LTE. Having two totally different hardware models produces a lot of issues far as getting software updates out to the devices. While the international model would receive updates fairly quickly, the Snapdragon models were always on a several month delay. This delay was forget exacerbated with model revisions and the fact that the cell phone carries have their hands all over the software, aka all the bloatware you don’t want.

Samsung producing one model makes getting software updates to your device even easier and more efficient. It also means we’ll finally start seeing those 8-Core chips in the states without paying the import costs.


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