Galaxy S II’s Android 4.0 Update: Samsung Hates It

2 days ago Shane introduced our readers to Galaxy S II’s New Operating System: the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).  However, we are now confirming that those who look forward to the new interface design, will not be pleased at all. Samsung is stripping down the Ice Cream Sandwich to their own preference by using only some of the new features, which makes it almost identical to the old operating system, the Gingerbread.

People are getting an up-close look at the update to find that there is nothing worth looking at. Specifically, we are talking about the graphical user interface. There are improvements to tools such as the multitasking menu, the lock screen with facial recognition, and the improved system settings. The Ice Cream Sandwich will be known for its holographic design, but Samsung simply does not want it on their device.

But stripping out the hallmarks of a reimagined user interface — an interface that marks the start of a new era for the Android platform — and sticking instead with a clunkier, outdated-feeling configuration? From a user’s perspective, I’m just not sure what kind of value that provides. – JR Raphael from

Is there a reason that Samsung does not want some of the Ice Cream Sandwich’s best features? Why are they keeping the old user interface when they have a phone that is fully capable of handling the Android 4.0? Well, this is is not anything new. Company’s have followed this pattern of keeping the same look, but better tools. IBM is a great follower of this with their IBM ThinkPad. It never changes in design, but can always be upgraded. If Samsung is following the tracks of IBM, then they are doing this to follow the theory that you shouldn’t upgrade something that does not need to be upgraded.

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