Pre-Orders Available for Diablo III, Not Collectors Edition?

There are several options available to pre-order the upcoming Blizzard release, Diablo III announced late last year at Blizzcon 2011. However, after scavenging the interwebs, I haven’t been able to find pre-orders available for the Collector’s Edition..

Currently Amazon has the Diablo III Standard Edition available for pre-order with the usual low-price guarantee. Navigate to the Collector’s Edition…,  “available for email notification”. – Thanks, Amazon…

Gamestop also has the Diablo III Standard Edition available, with the pickup in-store option. But go ahead and try to get the Collector’s Edition for pre-order…. nothing, You have to go to a store and hope they’re still taking preorders.

Is the Collector’s Edition really worth it? Well… if you’re really into Diablo and want all the accessories possible for it at a $30-40 price premium.. yeah.

One of our game writers, John, gave some extensive coverage of it here, showing exactly what is included with the Collector’s Edition box set, along with high-res photos.

If you’re looking at Diablo, is the Collector’s Edition worth $99 for you?




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