“Why are my Likes and Comments Not Showing?” – Facebook API Down

I was working on the website last night, trying out new codes and plugins for Facebook, when I ran into an issue. My likes and comments weren’t showing up after working with a new service to interact with our Facebook App. After reverting back to how everything was previously, nothing showed up. My immediate thought was, “everything  just got wiped by this!?”, along with several expletives.

After looking through the coding and doing a bunch of Googling, I wasn’t able to come up with anything to explain it. That is until our server admin informed me there was an outage on Facebook. According to Facebook’s developer page, there was an outage at 11:30P EST on 4/19/2012 – 8 minutes after I had issues.

This is more of a warning for people Googling down the line; If your Facebook icons and comments all disappear, don’t panic. Check the Facebook Dev site for the live status:





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