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H1Z1 01-15-15

H1Z1 Release Date Announced: 01-15-15

Sony Online Entertainment finally announced a release date for the highly anticipated open-world zombie game, H1Z1. Early access for H1Z1 will be released through Steam on January 15th, 2015. The game is set to...

Gauntlet 2014 Logo

New Gauntlet Game Coming Summer 2014 to PC

As a major fan of the Gauntlet franchise, I couldn’t be happier with the announcement of a new title. Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, who owns the Gauntlet franchise from their purchase of most of Midway...

Steam Software Launch

Valve Selling Software Via Steam

Steam isn’t just for video games anymore. Starting today, Valve is selling computer software through their Steam platform. The program list right now is limited, but is expected to flourish over the upcoming months....