Seagate Hits 1 Terabit Per Square Inch in Hard Drives

Seagate has recently announced a milestone in hard disk storage potential – one terabit per square inch. (A terabit being 1/8th of a terabyte.) Seagate has compared storage capacity per inch to that of the stars in the Milky Way Galaxy – one star per bit.

What does this mean for consumers? As hard drive production levels begin returning to pre-flood numbers, current generation hard drive pricing will go down and 6TB 3.5″ and 2TB 2.5″ hard drive will be released. Over the next ten years, the increased storage capacity is expected to produce 60TB 3.5″ and 20TB 2.5″ hard drives.

I look forward to being able to amass that much data on my PC. For now, I’m stuck with 6TB of storage.





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