Android Powered Gaming Console: ‘Ouya’ to Sell for $99

Internet rumors, specifically from AngelList, are claiming that Google may be creating their own gaming console for $99. Developers of this ‘Ouya’ have already hired Yves Behar to get started on the new console. Unlike any other of the current heavy duty game consoles, this one will be Android powered. It will also be on the wishlist of game developers and online gamers as every game on this device will be 100% free, and is meant for easily development as each console comes with its own dev kit.

They may have already assembled a team from multiple tech companies:

As we alluded to earlier, though, it’s not just Jawbone Jambox and One Laptop Per Childdesigner Yves Behar who’s on board. The project’s advisors also include Ed Fries of Xbox fame, Amol Sarva of Peek, Peter Pham of Color, and counts Julie Uhrman of IGN as its founder and CEO. – Sean Hollister from


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