Shane ParisEditor in Chief
Shane is the founder and Editor-in-Chief here at That’s It Guys. He enjoys Star Trek, 80s and 90s action movies, and everything tech related. Shane is highly skilled with computer hardware, electronics, and software.
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Yousef ShanawanyTechnical Writer
Yousef is a tech reviewer and editor and enjoys reading about tech news around the world. As his primary focus is the video game industry, he also loves reading about mobile and tablet news.Yousef is an undergraduate at San Jose State University studying Software Engineering and Computer Science. He spends most of his time gaming and programming.
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John WykerTechnical Writer
John is a tech and video game writer at That’s It Guys. John enjoys surfing and playing Xbox 360.
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Tony Apolinar

TonyWriter / Video Production
Tony writes news and reviews on mobile products, including phones, tablets, and applications. He operates several successful YouTube channels and includes video content which is featured here under the name Tis4Tony.
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David McMillinFilm / Graphic Novel Contributer
David is a film and graphic novel connoisseur as well as an avid artist. David is a contributing writer at That’s It Guys and provides reviews on movies as well as graphic novels.

Richard Vargas

RichardServer Admin, Technical Writer
Richard is the server administrator at That’s It Guys. Richard occasionally writes articles, but is primarily making sure the website runs smoothly. He is a highly skilled programmer, system admin, and manages several high-volume servers, including this one.


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